Movies We’ve Made

In addition to making our funny shorts and music videos we are passionate about continuing to make movies. It’s a painful process at times but we love how much fun we all have working together. The film making process has not only been a huge help to our video production efficiency but an immense improvement to our video production quality. Check here to watch and stay updated on our movies. Contact us if you have any film or video ideas. If you want other film making advice, check out our video production advice blog.

Turn Out The Lights


To rekindle their friendship, four twenty-somethings set out to solve a 17-year-old murder case that occurred in their neighborhood. Jimmy (Jesse DiFranco), Leslie (Janna Klein), Franky (Brandon Ferris), and Will (Paul Ulle) are on a mission to solve the cold case in this nostalgic lighthearted film about childhood and the things we sometimes leave behind unwittingly.

Sic Transit Gloria


A young girl, Alice, stumbles upon a rural home run by a gang of vicious boys in their early twenties. By striking up a friendship with the gang’s leader, Alice begins to learn what happened to the world around her and how she might be able to save it.

The Tale of The Sparrow

The Tale of The Sparrow is an independent action/comedy that follows the story of a dishonest 20 year old boy named Anthony. Anthony is given an opportunity in which he is able to portray himself as a vigilante named “The Sparrow”. Trouble befalls Anthony, and his friends, when the people of a homey small town start believing The Sparrow is real. Learn More