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Do you like funny things? Do you like pictures? Do you like moving things? Well you are in a Geauga county sized pile of luck today, because we make funny moving pictures all the time. You know what’s even better? You are on the page where we post those videos. Watch them here or subscribe to us on youtube below.

Interviewing Filmmaker Travis Mills

Are you an indie filmmaker who's having trouble making a film? This is the interview you need to listen to. Travis Mills is an extremely driven film maker with a unique ability to let nothing stop him from finishing his projects. He is most well known for directing 12...

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Behind The Scenes At The Jar Lid Premiere

Jar Lid Is Now Available For The World To See! If not for the people who attend our movie premiere's we wouldn't be able to make movies like JAR LID. We want to thank everyone who showed up and contributed to making this film a success. If...

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Chupacabra | Beyond The Truth Podcast

The team gets together to discuss El Chupacabra (The Goat Sucker). Goat Sucker …. rr as you may know it in its original Spanish "El Chupacabra". Since 1995 this hairless dog-like creature has been known to feast on the goats of innocent...

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Film Making In Cleveland

Our Channel 3 Interview Here is how our WKYC Channel 3 Interview Went Filmmaking doesn't just happen in Hollywood it happens right here in CLE. Right here in Cleveland! Jesse Difranco and Jonathan Klein from Get The Pix join us right now...

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A DiFranco Famiy Christmas Cartoon

A DiFranco Family Christmas: This Christmas season, Janna is going to put her best cartoon foot forward to see if she will be crowned "Best DiFranco Grandchild of 2021". With the help of Micah and a little Christmas magic, she will learn a...

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How To Make Good Music Videos Quickly

This is how we filmed an entire music video in one evening and how it turned out pretty sweet. Check out the music video below.   Tip #1: Have A Simple Plan Not the band....

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