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Get The Pix is an entertainment production company located in Northeast Ohio. We make fun, entertaining videos, art, and feature films on really tiny budgets. Not in a low quality way though. In a, like, really impressive way. You may catch us filming anywhere from Chardon to Downtown Cleveland.



Police Stakeout Skit

Police Stakeout Skit

The Stakeout About This Video In this sketch we take a comedic look at what it's like when you are forced to spend long periods of time with people you don't totally understand. Doesn't matter if it's about vaccines, voting, sports, music, or...

Mothman – Finding the Truth – Episode 6

The Klein brothers (Jon and Micah) are paranormal investigators with years of experience and an incredibly high success rate capturing cryptids on camera. They have hunted the monsters of Ohio, but this...

CSI Comedy Sketch – Murder On The West Side

CSI Comedy Sketch – Murder On The West Side

  The Plot These investigators don't just do things by the book. These guys invented their own book of rules. Andrew is the big city's biggest crime scene investigator. Agent Colson has just invited him down to a fresh crime scene. Will...

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