Dinogator Movie

Here is an old movie from Get The Pix Productions called Dinogator. It was intentionally made to look cheap and campy, but we achieved a low level of quality that can hardly be matched. This film is a spoof on every Sci-Fi monster movie with the stereotype story to match.

The more years that pass since we made this, the funnier it gets. If you want to see more of our videos and see how we have improved, check out our latest videos.

The Synopsis

After Mik and Janna discover a mutant reptile living in their backyard/swamp, they act quickly to stop this monster before he does any real damage. The girls call up the world’s greatest exterminator to see if he can help fight the giant reptile. This giant crocodile monster isn’t going down without a fight. The creature is going to have some help from an evil animal rights hippie with a little too much energy.

Will Mik and Janna be able to rid their lands of this 40 foot tall Dinosaur Crocodile? Watch the film and find out.