When we set out a couple years ago on our film projects we knew there would be some downs to filming in northeast Ohio. Ohio is home to the extremes of all 4 seasons. You can go from shoveling one of your actors car out of the ditch filled with snow on the side of an icy road to hurrying to film a scene so the cameras don’t overheat.  … AND WE HAVE!

A lot of these negatives can be seen and used as positives. Having a creative mind and being prepared for anything will allow you to adapt and use these “problems” to your advantage. I know what you’re thinking… OK I don’t, but here are some Ohio filming troubles that can be blessings in disguise.


Ohio has too much extreme weather?

Great! When creating your script for your next Ohio based film, feel free to write scenes with both frozen wastelands and scorching desserts. Just watch the forecast closely and plan accordingly. Extremely sunny days can be a perfect time to turn down your exposure on your camera and get some extremely clear action scenes with almost no motion blur. Freezing cold days are great for extremely even lighting. A few inches of snow works as a giant light reflector and a bit of cloud cover can work as large light diffuser. Also, a bit of falling snow can add depth to any shot.


Your neighborhood isn’t interesting enough to be in a film?

I understand, you are young film maker and you aren’t sure how to tell your story with the locations you have at your disposal. Don’t worry!

First, take a look at your home and the places you normally film at or around. Look at them with new eyes and see them for what they are. Just because you think your house or neighborhood is boring, doesn’t mean the viewing public will. The setting of your video can change a lot of the viewer’s understanding of your story.

Second, don’t you dare limit your film to just the places you have already filmed. Take a Saturday and go exploring with some friends and a camera. Want to do some scouting right now? You can use Bing Map’s “bird’s eye view” function as a great way to check out locations even before you have permission to film there. If you want to film in an old building or a giant warehouse that’s been closed down for years, don’t be afraid to ask. The worst they can do is say “No”.


Ohio doesn’t have what your film needs?

Yes it does! This is a weak excuse in my book. Ohio has a great community of people. I have yet to hear a “No” when asking to film in a location. People are making movies everyday and everywhere. You do not need to get to Hollywood to make your next big movie. Start scripting your idea now and let us know if you have any questions or if you are having trouble with any aspect of your film.


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