Sneaky Politicians Selling Government Secrets.

What Could Be More Fun?

Have you ever seen in movies or television shows when a dirty politician will have a meeting with someone in a park and they pretend like they aren’t talking to each other?

Of course you have!

Scenes like this appear in everything from The X-Files to The Blacklist. For some reason, here at Get The Pix Productions, we love taking these cliche cinema moments and destroying the built in expectations audiences have for them. We find that it makes watching those scenes a lot more enjoyable.

To keep in line with this trend, we have created “Secret Meeting:BLUEJAY127“. This funny skit pays homage to those classic scenes while displaying some of our best cinematography to date.

If you like the beautiful setting in this video, you should go to The Cleveland Museum of Art. Why? Because that is where this video was filmed.