What is the best generation of all time? You guessed it, it’s the Millennial generation. From their funny hats, to their unbelievable addiction to posting photos of cats and coffee shops, they truly are the best.

They follow trends in an effort to to be “different”. They seem to be the least informed generation in ages in the midst of the “information age”. Also, they spend hours watching YouTube videos where kids play video games. When I was a kid, the only reason I’d be sitting watching somebody else play video games was if my big brother didn’t feel like playing multiplayer.

With that being said, Millennials really do need a break. They are voyageurs in a brand new world sailing in an ocean of technology that no one has ever seen the likes of. Sure they’re Goofy and wear all their feelings on their sleeves, but if you give them a chance a couple of them won’t let you down.

So what happens when these youthful young men are offered whatever they want from a magical cartoon genie? The short answer is “incomprehensible stupidity” but the 5 minute answer is our latest video “Millennials Make A Wish”.