Many have claimed that comparing apples to oranges is an incorrect practice. Some have even used this comparison as an example of things that “should never be compared”. This notion is simply not true and harmful to the culture. When looking through a refrigerator this is a comparison that happens daily, for those that have access to fresh fruit. So, we need to eliminate the stigma that accompanies this decision. Just because they are two completely different fruits does not mean a person shouldn’t compare the two. It only means that the comparison needs to be handled with great care. So, let’s set up some criteria that would be fair to compare the two fruits on. For example, an unfair comparison would be to judge which one is more red. Apple’s would win every time unless they were shaved and compared to a peeled blood orange. How many times have you had to decide between a shaved apple and a peeled blood orange? Almost never. Our criteria will include better comparisons, such as taste, hunger satisfaction level, and overall quality.

Today we hope to alleviate some of the stress that is known to accompany the comparison of apple and oranges.


Let’s start off with taste. Overall this probably goes to oranges. On average they tend to taste better than Apples. Some apples taste better than some oranges but there’s usually a bad apple in every bunch. A bunch of apples is approximately 50 apples. Since, 1 out of every 50 apples is guaranteed to be bad, It’s not uncommon for a taste bud to stumble on that bad apple. It’s very rare to find a bad Orange. Of course there are situations where apples would taste better. One of those instances may be when an individual’s stomach is full and they require something less acidic to eat.

Hunger Satisfaction Level

Next up is the hunger satisfaction level. This one has to go to Apples. Apples are great satisfiers of hunger. Don’t ask me why. They just are. Many apples ARE bigger than most oranges, but that is not why I came to this conclusion. Even when an apple is the same size as an orange the apple tends to fill you up faster. I think this may be the reason why apples are used in main dishes. Examples: Delicious Apple Pies, Applesauce, and for sticking in roasted pig’s mouths.

Overall Quality

Lastly, to break our tie, is the overall quality of the fruit. Without a doubt this one goes to oranges. Like we mentioned before oranges are on average higher-quality. This may be due to the fact that the outer layer of the orange is a better insulator of the fruit inside and it doesn’t bruise quite as easily as an apple does. Also, since the outer shell of the apple (or apple skin) can be eaten, we would still consider the skin to be part of the fruit. Which then would bring up the likelihood that there would be dirt touching the edible part of the fruit. This problem is rarely found when eating an orange. You would have to peel the orange and then drop it on the ground in order to have the amount of germs that will be on the outside of an apple. Also, dropping a freshly peeled orange range is incredibly rare since you already have so much invested into eating. At that point you’ve grown a connection with it. It’s very unlikely that you’re going to have a change of feelings about the orange after peeling it.

I know that there are still situations where I will eat apples but I know that if I do an honest comparison oranges will win every time. Feel free to run your own experiments with fruits…but understand this is a settled science.

You can’t compare an apple to an orange. It will cause a lot of self-esteem issues. – Unknown