What is Covfefe Really?

On the 30th of May, President Trump posted a tweet that left America irreparably confused. The tweet simply read “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. The insanity that ensued within those 6 hours before Trump removed the tweet, left the country in ruins. Cats were marrying lizards, acid was raining from the sky, and 45 people were probably hospitalized. The whole world wanted to know what the word “covfefe” meant.

The general consensus was that the tweet was meant to be read with a pause before “covfefe”. As if “covfefe” was a state of pure bliss. This version of “covfefe” could be used the same way you would use “shalom” or “peace”. Both of those words are arguably ways-of-life. So is “covfefe” a way of life?

Is the “covfefe” lifestyle just living your life successfully while ignoring negativity? Was President Trump taking the Taylor Swift idea of shaking off the haters to the next level? Perhaps. With this new “covfefe” lifestyle, you aren’t even shaking the haters off of you; since shaking them off requires admitting they exist. That must be what “covfefe” means! That’s what we thought anyway.

Finally, when listening to the Andrew Klavan podcast the most likely explanation was given. Donald just hit the publish button before he had finished writing his tweet. “Covfefe” was just a misspelling of the word “coverage”. The earth is now fixed. We can all go back to our jobs with our sanity fully restored.


But what of the “covfefe” lifestyle?

What of that beautiful lifestyle we all imagined out of this word? The word may have been non-existent but the lifestyle doesn’t have to be.
Why can’t we live that life? I think we can and should.

And if we don’t decide to live the “covfefe” lifestyle, then we should at least learn to double check our spelling before hitting publichh