The Official Video Feed

Do you like funny things? Do you like pictures? Do you like moving things? Well you are in a Geauga county sized pile of luck today, because we make funny moving pictures all the time. You know what’s even better? You are on the page where we post those videos. Watch them here or subscribe to us on youtube below.

Reading Weird Comments Left On Our Videos

Do you ever wonder if YouTube users ever read those weird comments people leave on their videos? Well they do, but here at Get The Pix Productions we go the extra mile. We read some of the weirdest comments we have ever received on videos posted on YouTube.

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Stalker: A Short Suspense Thriller

WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS FRIGHTENING IMAGES. What happens when two young men encounter a Stalker? Things go from good to very bad in a matter of moments in this, our latest video. If you agree with the message, like and share this video! We used this video to...

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One Monday at the Office – Short Cartoon

Mondays Stink....Right? It's been a while since we have made a completely cartoon video. We thought we would put together a short one to see how people respond as well as use it to introduce our new logo. For this video we...

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Every Country Song Music Video

The All Star Specials, a boy band from Ohio, are back with another smash hit. This time they have a special message for all the blue collar, hard working, NASCAR loving Americans out there.

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Melonheads of Kirtland Ohio

According to legend, the Melonheads of Kirtland, OH are a cannibalistic group of deformed humans experimented on by a man named Dr. Crow, who at that time worked for the government in the 1940s. The children were diagnosed...

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