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Do you like funny things? Do you like pictures? Do you like moving things? Well you are in a Geauga county sized pile of luck today, because we make funny moving pictures all the time. You know what’s even better? You are on the page where we post those videos. Watch them here or subscribe to us on youtube below.

Millennials Make A Wish

What is the best generation of all time? You guessed it, it’s the Millennial generation. From their funny hats, to their unbelievable addiction to posting photos of cats and coffee shops, they truly are the best. They follow trends in an effort to to be “different”....

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I’m A Gang$ter | Video & Lyrics

Lyrics They say that I'm a gangster rockin' on fleek I love this town and I run theses streets. They like my threads they want my hair but I keep gunning cause I just don't care Say that I'm a gangster Rockin on fleek I love...

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Loveland Frogman Footage

The legend of the Frogman is famous in Loveland Ohio. According to the legend, people have spotted the 3-4 foot frog stand up like a man, hop in front of their cars and jump over a guard rail. Since 1955, there has been a...

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Rock The Boat Acapella

Sometimes you find a knish to fill on the internet. Other times you find a wrong that needs to be righted. When searching on youtube for a nice rendition of "Rock the Boat" performed by humans, I was shocked to discover that...

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BEST BUDS (a melodrama comedy)

Do you have best buds? This video will perfectly depict the moments of drama that we all endure. These moments are essential pieces of the mosaic that is friendship. Send this video to a friend along with a text reads "Best...

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Secret Meeting BLUEJAY-127

Sneaky Politicians Selling Government Secrets. What Could Be More Fun? Have you ever seen in movies or television shows when a dirty politician will have a meeting with someone in a park and they pretend like they aren't...

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Captain America vs The Nazis

We are so happy with how this one turned out. Most of the special effects used in the video are practically done. We used a bit of computer generated special effects to accompany the big moments in this video. We also used...

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