Michigan Dogman: Since 1887 in Wexford County, Michigan the Dogman has been lurking. Dogman stands seven-feet tall, has light colored eyes, the head and fur of a canine, but the torso of a man. The truth is he howls like a man screaming but what lays beyond? Let’s go find out.

Welcome to Beyond The Truth, the official podcast of the finding the truth series where we attempt to discuss the truth surrounding monsters, myths legends and lore. This episode we try to talk about the Michigan Dogman.

This episode is brought to you by BowWowBoosterBooths. No matter what diet your dog is on, let them join you at the table with BowWowBoosterBooths. Order today and we will throw in one month of certified paleo chunks , because nothing is better for your best friend than raw meat. My dog Jimmy Kibble loves them.


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