Jar Lid: Auditions

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming film Jar Lid.


Step 1. Read the character descriptions below and choose ONE character to submit for.

Step 2. Download the sides and record ONE of the scenes given.

Step 3: Record your scene and attach the video file to an email.

Step 4: Email your self-taped audition to getthepixproductions@gmail.com by July 19 at midnight. Subject line should read as, “John Doe – Jar Lid Audition”

That’s it! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Deadline: Sunday, July 19, Midnight


Important: The film has a long line of fun characters that we couldn’t list here. If you don’t see a character that you feel matches your description, select a side and read for anyone. We’re confident your talent will shine through.

Larry Avery (Male, Late 20s/Early 30s) – Troubled but charismatic drifter who manages to consistently talk himself in and out of danger. He’s fast-talking and conniving while also being loveable and charming. He is estranged from his family and uses his sister’s insurance business to scam people. Never finished high school. Has been on his own for years. Lacks book smarts but knows the streets very well.


Martha Avery (Female, Late 20s/Early 30s) – A smart and successful young businesswoman. Inherited her father’s company at a young age and had to quickly adapt to the cutthroat business environment. Grew up caring and empathetic but has been forced to take on a colder attitude through the years. Yearns for a life outside of her job but is constantly bogged down with the stresses of work.


Ando (Male/Female, 30+) Owner of a local bar. Takes little to no nonsense from anyone and is not afraid to get physical with rowdy customers. Knows the ins and outs of the town and the criminal underworld but rarely gets involved in them. Has a very bittersweet relationship with Larry. Grows tired of his antics yet cannot help but try to help him when possible.


Geoff Benson (Male, Late 40s/50s) – Casanova-type businessman who runs Avery Insurance alongside Martha Avery. He is a smooth talker and has a no nonsense-type persona. When his original business partner died, he was forced to groom Martha for the job as quickly as possible, turning her from a caring girl into a cutthroat businesswoman.


Max (Male, Late 20s/Early 30s) – Frat-boy type. Loves to party and spend all his parents’ money. He is a sweet talker and can be very charming. Most people know Max as a womanizer and party boy. However, he is also a hardened criminal who has done very ugly things when he does not get his way. Persona is that of a spoiled child who was never disciplined. Is hungry for the world and believes it is owed to him.


Miguel – (Male, Late 40s/Early 50s) – Came to this country from another country to build a better life for his family. After learning his wife and kids may abandon him, he becomes desperate and open to criminal activity. Can be very scary and intimidating one moment and then heart-breaking and sincere in the next. Must be fluent in another language (preferably Spanish).


Where will the movie be filmed?

The movie will be filmed in various locations in Northeast Ohio, typically within one hour of Downtown Cleveland.


What is compensation for a role in the film?

If you are chosen for a lead in the film, your payment will be a flat fee that will be paid at completion of the film. It will be determined based on your character and the time and scheduling required for filming.


Who is making this film?

This film will be created by Get The Pix as our fourth feature-length film. Get The Pix is an entertainment production company located in Northeast Ohio. We make fun, entertaining videos, art, and feature films on really tiny budgets. Not in a low quality way though. In a, like, really impressive way.


Do I need somebody to read the lines that my character isn’t saying?

If you are able to have an off-screen person read the lines your character isn’t saying, that would be helpful but not necessary. If you do not have somebody to read with you, please read the other characters’ lines in a monotone voice.


Wanna keep up to date with the film?

Bookmark this page, and we’ll be continuously updating it with the latest on the film.

Don’t hide your skills!

  • If you have a show reel, links to performances, website, etc., please send those along.
  • Attach a headshot/resume (a clean, recent photo of you and list of credits is fine as well)

If you don’t have any of these documents above, don’t fret! Your self-tape is just fine!