Melonheads of Kirtland Ohio – Finding the Truth – Episode 3

Jan 23, 2017 | Blog, Finding The Truth

According to legend, the Melonheads of Kirtland, OH are a cannibalistic group of deformed humans experimented on by a man named Dr. Crow, who at that time worked for the government in the 1940s. The children were diagnosed with extreme cases of Hydrocephalus, and during his experimentation, Dr. Crow made their heads drastically larger.

The legend then takes multiple different paths: some say the Melonheads burned down the mansion where they were being held, some say there were released into the woods by Dr. Crow, and some even say they never existed at all.

On this episode of Find the Truth, are paranormal investigators go searching for these deformed cannibals of Wisner Road to find any truth behind the legend.


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