Frogman Loveland OHio

The Loveland Frogman captured on video

The legend of the Frogman is famous in Loveland Ohio. According to the legend, people have spotted the 3-4 foot frog stand up like a man, hop in front of their cars and jump over a guard rail. Since 1955, there has been a few sightings. The Frogman (or Lizardman) is said to have leathery skin. One of the main reasons the story has such a high level of credibility is because one of the earliest sightings was by a police officer in 1971. One of the most recent sightings was by a couple who was playing Pokemon Go.

Our team of paranormal investigators have searched for monsters and ghosts all over Ohio. We knew it was time to take on this massive 4-foot legend. In this episode of Finding The Truth, we took our video cameras down to an abandoned house in Loveland, Ohio and started our search. Right away we found that the house we were in was anything but “abandoned”. Watch the footage of the Frogman search now.


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