The Finding the Truth team is back at it again.

This time we pack up our cameras and head to the Geauga Lyric Theater Guild on Chardon Square. We go looking for the theater’s resident ghost (Baby Clare). The ghost of Baby Clare is rumored to be angered by people who misplace a chair that supposedly belongs to her. The chair sits in the middle of the damp dark underbelly of the The Geauga Lyric Theater.

This ghost has been known to mess with sets and props as actors prepare for shows. In fact, after any set is complete, a light is placed in the middle of the stage. This light serves two purposes:

  1. It keeps those walking around from falling off the stage.
  2. It is supposed to ward off the theater ghosts, such as Baby Clare Rose, from messing with the set, the trap door or even the props.

Make sure you get seated before the show starts and take note of the exits!


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