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Jan 3, 2022 | Blog, Videos

Our Channel 3 Interview

Here is how our WKYC Channel 3 Interview Went
Filmmaking doesn’t just happen in Hollywood it happens right here in CLE. Right here in Cleveland!
Jesse Difranco and Jonathan Klein from Get The Pix join us right now to talk about local filmmaking and their latest production.

Let’s talk about the production company, your production company, Get The Pix.
So it runs out of northeast ohio and uh we love making feature films and short videos as well, but we like telling the stories right here in ohio and it’s really nice to be able to get that opportunity to continue to grow and continue to release our films here in ohio.

How long have you been in production?
Well for this film now we’re just close to a little over a year, but we’ve been making videos for years and years for our family since we were  little kids. Jesse and I are actually related. We’re cousins, unfortunately Jesse is related to me.
Started making films for our family and it grew from there and that’s how we kind of realized that we could work together and create videos together.

Let’s talk about the latest film JAR LID
Jar Lid is a little bit of a thriller / comedy. It’s about a woman who owns an insurance business and she’s estranged from her brother and she finds out that her brother’s actually been using her business to scam people. So they end up in a situation where they both have one night to make back all the money that he’s lost and they are sent out on this odyssey through Cleveland with all these different characters to make this money back.

So it’s kind of a fun, fast-paced type movie and there’s a lot of scenes that we’re going to notice around the Cleveland area like the Grop Shop. Is that right?
We tried to incorporate as much of Cleveland as we could. We had some great great help with that. Kathy Blackman from the Grog Shop helped us film there. We filmed outside the playhouse ,outside the renaissance hotel. As many locations as we could possibly get because we wanted to showcase Cleveland as much as we could with this one.

It’s a story really that’ll be able to communicate to the Cleveland audience and so we really wanted to make sure we set it in that world and make sure that it’s filled with sites, even if you’ve just driven through Cleveland from growing up there, you would know and recognize.

There is such a great energy to Cleveland they wanted to kind of incorporate into the movie too so that really becomes a character in itself.

Sounds very familiar to a couple of brothers named Russo that have done this as well.
We will take that comparison any day.

But let me ask you do you aspire to to branch out outside of cleveland from get the pics to maybe going national
Well we want to make sure that we’re growing to the point at which that we can continue to share our story with as many people as possible because that’s really what we ultimately strive to be is just better storytellers than we were yesterday and part of that is being able to communicate with large audiences for sure but that doesn’t necessarily mean that i think uh the way that a lot of people would assume that if you grow as a filmmaker you’re going to naturally go over to hollywood. A lot of times you’re seeing other states starting to grow and we want to build that infrastructure here as well as those studios here in Ohio and be able to actually have productions that are fully made here. And yeah can we collaborate with other states and can we collaborate with other filmmakers? Absolutely love doing that but we also want to be able to tell stories that are made in Ohio.

And you want people to be able to follow your lead as well as join you to create more local stories?|
Yes, we’ll take anybody who wants to come help us and tell their own stories too. We feel that when you really can connect with a filmmaker and be able to go up and interact with them, almost like you would with a band that you know and love.

We want to be able to make sure that that’s continuing to grow and that other states and other people within our own state feel that they can make a film that tells a really big story. Everyone can feel not that that’s somebody far away and on the other side of the country where they’re probably never going to interact with them, but they might just bump into that person and talk to them. You should be able to actually ask those deeper questions that sometimes you have to really connect with the story.

We appreciate it very much we’ll see you at the movies


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