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I’m Jonathan Elihu Klein and I’ve been making videos since before I can remember. I was home-schooled and because of that, I had a lot of free time to dedicate towards video production. As a child, I saw movies as a way of exploring the world beyond my block in the suburbs of Cleveland.

One moment a dinosaur is wreaking havoc in the midst of a giant city and in the time it took you to switch VHS tapes you could be flying through space at the speed of light. I loved films and the worlds they created in my imagination.

The connection between watching and making videos was planted in my mind by members of my family. My father created all sorts of independent short videos when he was younger. He and his friends made stop-motion videos that still deeply inspire my work.

My older brother Christian was the first to introduce me to professional video production. He opened my eyes to what the right equipment could accomplish. Occasionally, I would volunteer time at an organization he was working for. The organization produced media of all kinds. That organization was the first place I got to witness digital video editing software and the first place I used Photoshop.

My sister Katy was the one who introduced me to acting on camera. My 7 siblings and I made a lot of short skits with our free time. Now, most of my video production time is spent behind the scenes, but back before I could hold a camera I was acting in front of one.

Once YouTube came along I started officially started Get The Pix Productions. I created a couple animations using only Paint and Windows Movie Maker that went semi-viral. Those animations continue to drive traffic to our channel and are still some of our highest viewed videos.

My goal has always been to use my talents to bring glory to God and entertain in the process. God has helped us grow into a team of talented people from Northeast Ohio