Janna Klein

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Janna acted in many of Jon’s films in her early days.  The reason he cast her in so many envied roles was probably because he saw his sister’s bright future of community theater stardom or maybe it was because she was three and had no choice.  Acting in her brother’s films in those days long ago cemented a love for acting in her life.  Since then she has become a regular at her local theater (and Waffle House) and performed in an Off-Off-Broadway show (Yes, that is a real thing, Daryl).

She has won and been nominated for several awards (Best Lead Actress in a Play, Best Supporting Actress in a Play, Outstanding in Acting..etc.)  When she is not onstage she enjoys talking about the theater, reading classic novels, thinking about the theater, singing show tunes and watching old movies. Her relationship with Jesus is first in her life and she gives Him thanks for all of the opportunities she has been given.