Andrew Kotlar

Get The Pix Productions Actor / Composer


 Andrew Kotlar is relatively an adult; in age, yes, but in spirit, no. If you decide to continue reading, honestly, I don’t know what this says about you as a person. I’m not stopping you from traveling down this dark path, but be warned. So, since you want to know more about me, I guess I won’t disappoint.

 Since I was little, I had always been the hyper kid who ran around doing voices. I was a big fan of the late Robin Williams who really was the one who got me thinking about impressions and creating funny characters. So, when my father made me audition for a play at the community theater, I found a real love for acting. I had never been a kid who had friends. My hyper personality wasn’t something that made people want to talk to me exactly. Finally, Jonathan Elihu Klein and his family started to attend the church I had been going to forever. I had seen his Comb Over video way before I met him, so I told him I thought the video was funny. One thing led to another, and now it seems we’ve made countless videos together (I just haven’t taken the time to count them).

 Having been learning piano since the age of nine, by the time GTP began filming The Tale of The Sparrow, I was at the point where I could score the film myself; and after 200 hours of digitally recording every instrument into my computer, I may have done it. I don’t really know. I’ve kind of blocked that out of my memory. And so the journey continues. Practically every week, GTP gets together to make videos and films for your entertainment (and honestly ours as well)


Awards + Experience

Andrew has acted in many shows at the Geauga Lyric Theater Guild (GLTG) and has been in numerous Get The Pix videos including The Worst Neighbor Ever, Andrew and Jon Climb the Empire State Building, The Get The Pix Promos, Televisinsanity, and many more!

Andrew has been nominated and won awards at the GLTG and other venues including:

  • Best Supporting Actor in a Play—Ellard Simms; The Foreigner (GLTG)
  • Excellence in Acting—Honza; I Never Saw Another Butterfly (OCTA, Regional)
  • Outstanding in Ensemble—I Never Saw Another Butterfly (OCTA, Regional)
  • Excellence in Ensemble—I Never Saw Another Butterfly (OCTA, State)
  • Nominee for Best Actor—Peter Pevensie; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (GLTG)
  • Nominee for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical—Enjolras; Les Miserables (GLTG)
  • Nominee for Best Featured Actor in a Play—Simon Stimson; Our Town (GLTG)
  • Best Featured Actor in a Musical—A-rab; West Side Story (GLTG)

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