A DiFranco Family Christmas: This Christmas season, Janna is going to put her best cartoon foot forward to see if she will be crowned “Best DiFranco Grandchild of 2021”. With the help of Micah and a little Christmas magic, she will learn a very important lesson. https://getthepix.org/

For many years we have created a Christmas movies to show our family and give to our Grandma. It’s actually one of the main reasons we are who we are as a production studio. One day the internet came along and we decided to share our Christmas movies with the world. Amazingly we have been approached by people who informed us that watching our family Christmas movie is now a part of their Christmas day traditions.

This year we invite your family to join ours yet again. Only difference this year is that it is finally time for the DiFranco Christmas movie to become a cartoon in the style of other Christmas Classics like Charlie Brown, The Grinch and Frosty.